Goals: For Wednesday

Hello folks!

I’ve been struggling hardcore with life lately and decided that a list of goals for the day will hopefully get me back on track. Whenever I’m depressed or in need of guidance I turn to my goals to get me motivated, so hopefully these goals of mine will help me bounce back because I need to. I have an alumni pizza party at my old high school this Friday evening, and I want to be able to give all those people good news about how I’m doing. If I’m being honest with myself, I don’t like what I’ve become and am in desperate need to change anyway.

If not now, when?

Goals for Wednesday:

  1. Write a Random Act of Noteworthy Kindness (RANK) note
  2. Post for Day 8 of my Bookstagram Challenge
  3. Write my Algren response piece
  4. Inquire about my Motif submission
  5. Create a Writing Chicago work schedule for my revisions and new pieces
  6. Do something kind for myself to practice self-care

For now, that’s about all I realistically can handle. I’ll add more later on, but not now.

Prayerfully yours,