Goals: For Wednesday

Hello folks!

I’ve been struggling hardcore with life lately and decided that a list of goals for the day will hopefully get me back on track. Whenever I’m depressed or in need of guidance I turn to my goals to get me motivated, so hopefully these goals of mine will help me bounce back because I need to. I have an alumni pizza party at my old high school this Friday evening, and I want to be able to give all those people good news about how I’m doing. If I’m being honest with myself, I don’t like what I’ve become and am in desperate need to change anyway.

If not now, when?

Goals for Wednesday:

  1. Write a Random Act of Noteworthy Kindness (RANK) note
  2. Post for Day 8 of my Bookstagram Challenge
  3. Write my Algren response piece
  4. Inquire about my Motif submission
  5. Create a Writing Chicago work schedule for my revisions and new pieces
  6. Do something kind for myself to practice self-care

For now, that’s about all I realistically can handle. I’ll add more later on, but not now.

Prayerfully yours,




3 AM: My Goals For Today

Good morning to you all!

I was awakened by a thunderstorm around 2:45 am, and while I was being jolted awake, I realized that I was already wide awake for the day. Around 3:00 am, I figured it was a good time to make a list of goals for today, since I was already alert and ready to go for now. The more you stick around here, the more you will learn my love of lists and goals. I’ve always been a list maker, and always had to write down my goals before they became forgotten altogether.

Without further ado, here are today’s goals:

  1. Visit with Business Services on campus to see if they can lift the hold on my account.
  2. Register for my fall classes, once the hold is lifted.
  3. Go to work from 10:30 am-1:00 pm on campus.
  4. Go to my advanced speech class from 2:00 pm-2:50 pm.
  5. Write my ethnography paper for Organizational & Team Communication.
  6. Write my Group Reflection #1 paper for Organizational & Team Communication.
  7. Write a poem to submit to our class Blackboard page.
  8. Mail a birthday card I wanted to send out.
  9. Post something on the Phil’s Friends event page on Facebook.
  10. Prepare my resume and print out at least 5-7 copies.

…and that’s all for now, folks!

Prayerfully yours,