Goals: For Wednesday

Hello folks!

I’ve been struggling hardcore with life lately and decided that a list of goals for the day will hopefully get me back on track. Whenever I’m depressed or in need of guidance I turn to my goals to get me motivated, so hopefully these goals of mine will help me bounce back because I need to. I have an alumni pizza party at my old high school this Friday evening, and I want to be able to give all those people good news about how I’m doing. If I’m being honest with myself, I don’t like what I’ve become and am in desperate need to change anyway.

If not now, when?

Goals for Wednesday:

  1. Write a Random Act of Noteworthy Kindness (RANK) note
  2. Post for Day 8 of my Bookstagram Challenge
  3. Write my Algren response piece
  4. Inquire about my Motif submission
  5. Create a Writing Chicago work schedule for my revisions and new pieces
  6. Do something kind for myself to practice self-care

For now, that’s about all I realistically can handle. I’ll add more later on, but not now.

Prayerfully yours,




30 Day Bookstagram Challenge 2017

Even though I’m not that new to Instagram, it was only recently that I discovered the aspect of being a bookstagrammer through what I post on Instagram. What I kept seeing when I researched this on Google and Pinterest, all I saw were either photos of books or lists of what kind of books to take pictures of. I fell in love early on with this idea, and have been doing my first bookstagram challenge for about 3 days now.

I thought it would be fun to challenge myself to post pictures of books on Instagram that fit into random categories, like what I was finding in my research. I compiled a list, based on other lists of what I was seeing, and came up with a 30 day challenge to use for myself and whoever else wants to join me in my journey as a new bookstagrammer. Feel free to use the list below to fuel your own process as a reader on social media.

“Brooklyn’s 30 Day Bookstagram Challenge 2017”

Post a photo of…

  1. a book I’m currently reading
  2. a To Be Read (TBR) book
  3. a book I checked out from the library
  4. a book I own
  5. a favorite book
  6. a Young Adult (YA) book
  7. an LGBT+ romance book
  8. a sci-fi book
  9. a sequel
  10. a book that’s been turned into a movie
  11. another book that I’m currently reading
  12. a pile of TBR books
  13. the last book I finished reading
  14. a classic novel
  15. your choice/create your own prompt
  16. a memoir
  17. a dystopian novel
  18. a steampunk novel
  19. a fantasy novel
  20. a book on writing that has helped me
  21. a book that has a story set somewhere I want to go on vacation
  22. a book that’s written by an author of color
  23. a favorite book from my childhood
  24. a poetry collection
  25. a self-help book that I like
  26. a favorite play script
  27. a book told from the point of view (POV) of an animal
  28. a book about near-death experiences
  29. a book published by one of my favorite celebrities
  30. a book I would highly recommend

The next step for me, since I want to be a more regular reader, is to go back and read (or, in some cases, re-read) the books that I am going to document on my Instagram in photos. I want to read regularly, and thankfully it’s the weekend right now. Weekends are something that I look forward to because then I can catch up on my reading.

Happy reading!

Prayerfully yours,

Brooklyn Wegnerpile-of-books-open_books